Xelerate 2022 – Award ceremony

Consolidated has unionized an occasion known as Xelerate 2022, as an event to honor the long irremovable employees. Consolidated is one such company that’s precocious with such a big amount of veterans. Additionally, Consolidated has used the stage to acknowledge its best performers. The event virtually changed into a celebration wherever it’s to witness a few overawed cultural performances.

The award ceremony, Xelerate – 2022, was held in great style in Kalainarangam, which belonged to the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, and was given that name by the think tank of Consolidated. Xelerate 2022 combination of Excel and Accelerate. The event began on Friday at 2:00 PM and ended with a dinner at 8:00 PM.

The long service awards were given out to a total of 80 employees. Employees from five years to more than 25 years of experience are among the awardees. Also the performance for the previous fiscal year was evaluated, and a total of 55 top performers were hand-selected and honoured during the event. The delegates who gave out the prizes represented Consolidated’s leadership.The National Anthem and the lighting of the lamp by veterans as a mark of respect for them marked the beginning of the event. Mr. Raakesh, the managing director, addressed the crowd and praised the veterans for their devotion and dedication After that, Consolidated’s main leadership team gave a visionary presentation to its staff members, explaining the business plan, the previous year’s accomplishments, and the future plans. 

 The ceremony, which was intended to be an award presentation, evolved into a raucous party with stage performances of dance, singing, and martial arts.  The forum had provided a venue for the Consolidated employees to demonstrate their talents in dance, music, and martial arts.

Three group dances, two from Head Quarters and one from CultFit, were performed on stage. The evening also featured magnificent performances iPlanet Indiranagar staff in Kathak and  Fire Silambattam by a Cult.Fit employee , Nungambaakam in Before a few veterans took the stage and shared their experiences in the organization, the event had been upbeat up to that point before turning emotional.

Other consolidated employees were able to watch the annual event live thanks to the event’s live streaming feature.

Internal organizing committee members worked tirelessly day and night to accomplish this event flawlessly.

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