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Over the last 50 years, the Consolidated Group has been exponentially growing across South India providing great customer experiences as well as quality service. 

Consolidated, with extensive presence in verticals such as Enterprise, Retail, Service & Wellness brands has a core emphasis in excellence in customer experience, and that is derived from the our Mantra ‘Driven to Delight’.

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We are an Apple Premium Reseller

We are an Apple Authorised Service Provider

iPlanet – Enterprise & iPlanet – Education is an Apple Authorised Reseller.


Associate with CultFit & EatFit

Consolidated Times

Inside Story

The award ceremony, Xelerate – 2022, was held in great style in Kalainarangam, which belonged to the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, and was given that name by the think tank of Consolidated.

CPL helps to engage its employees and grows their sportsmanship. The purpose of this tournament is to promote fitness and sporting culture …

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